About us

Abalone Victoria (Central Zone) Ltd (AVCZ) has objectives that represent the organisation’s goals as a representative body of its members, and has been established to:

1. Effectively represent the interests of Abalone Central Zone entitlement holders on operational fishery management matters

2. Promote the development of a unified and coordinated approach to operational fishery management matters by Abalone Central Zone entitlement holders

3. Contribute to the sustainable, responsible and efficient use of the Abalone Central Zone resource

4. Operate to ensure transparency and accountability to the government and the Abalone Central Zone Fishery entitlement holders for the use of Grant Levy funds.

AVCZ will support a positive and resilient financial future for its members by ensuring the long term wellbeing of the resource, its quota holders, its divers and its community. This means bringing a strong voice that enables the industry to maintain constructive and cooperative relationships with Government and across all relevant layers of the industry and research communities.

AVCZ will also support ongoing improvements in understanding the resource through promotion of a wider range of inputs into the total allowable commercial catch setting. This will include independent and objective data collected throughout industry. Improvements in data collection and scientific analysis will be particularly important in the context of understanding external impacts on the resource, such as climate change.

AVCZ recognises that accessing and managing the resource responsibly is vital for the continuing support of consumers, the broader community and government.

The organisation will work to ensure that an appropriate balance is struck between environmental and economic concerns including building stakeholder understanding of the economic value of the resource to regional Victoria as well as the Victorian economy more broadly.

AVCZ will make efforts to ensure its members, and the industry more broadly as a result, are represented positively within government and the community and is well positioned to benefit from significant export opportunities now and into the future.